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darson rubber products supplier

We aim to make DARSON products available in all parts of Pakistan. For us every customer is VALUABLE, BIG or SMALL.


Distributors of DARSON INDUSTRIES (Pvt) Ltd.

"If its Rubber WE know it"

Best Quality Rubber, Export Quality, OEM Supplier

DARSON Industries Pvt Ltd. has been at the forefront of manufacturing quality rubber products since 1953. 

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Upcoming Events

PAPS, Auto Show, Pakistan Auto Parts Association

Visit DARSON Industries booth at Pakistan Auto Show from April 12th to 14th 2019, in Karachi. 

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A.M Enterprises

Distributors Darson Industries, High Quality Rubber Products, Export quality products.

As rubber products supplier of DARSON Industries Pvt Ltd we have an extensive network of retail outlets spread across Pakistan. You can bet on getting DARSON products in any city from an outlet near you.